Process Technology and Product Know-how from one source

INDAG is a company of Capri-Sun Group Holding. Capri-Sun Group combines the activities of the divisions nutrition, technology and distribution. More than 600 employees are working for the Capri-Sun Group Holding on the products around Capri Sun as well as the machinery and processing units for the food industry. Thus INDAG´s engineers do not only understand the technology required for the beverage and food production but also the semi-finished products processed in their machines.


INDAG develops and manages modern processing units as well as machines for the beverage and food industries. The flexible and state-of-the-art designs help to guarantee the long-term success for our customers. INDAG is a reliable partner for customers in the beverage and food industries from consultation through the start-up of turn-key units.


INDAG premises in Heidelberg-Eppelheim


WILD-INDAG originally produced packing and filling machines for Capri-Sun®. The development of the Heidelberg Mixer, the first semi-automatic and volumetrically controlled syrup mixing unit, was the catalyst for the process technology operation. Currently, there are more than 650 INDAG units in operation worldwide including very well-known mineral water companies in Germany.

With the POUCH SYSTEMS business unit established in 2004, WILD-INDAG has made its sophisticated pouch technology available to interested parties from every sector of the food, pet-food and non-food industries. We provide individually tailored turn-key solutions that cover every step, from manufacturing pouches to filling them all the way to secondary packaging. The advantages for you: getting everything from one source ― no delegated responsibilities. Our service team ensures that everything runs smoothly after installation.